Some of you visiting this site for the first time might find a paradox in my use of the terms Fine Art, Stained Glass and Fabric in the same phrase. Hopefully you will soon find it to be true.

Stained glass is more often referred to as Fine Craft or Decorative Art. Though if L. C. Tiffany were alive today, he might beg to differ. As for fabric, fiber artists are gaining ground and rightfully so. The possibilities for this medium are endless, and  the techniques being developed by those attempting to master it are amazing. We are beginning to gain the same respect painters and sculptors have so long enjoyed.

My intent for combining the designs of stained glass and the medium of fabric is to achieve the effect of trompe l’oeil. This is indeed a Fine Art term meaning "to fool the eye."

If at first glance and perhaps even on further inspection you are led to believe that my pieces are in fact stained glass, I have arrived at my first goal. If you then come to realize the medium as fabric and are, if only for a moment, lost in the magic of that, I have come a step further. And if the color and light hold you there a few moments more to reflect on something beyond your daily trials, I am supremely happy!

So my hope is that you will sit back with your morning cup of coffee, your afternoon tea, or an evening glass of wine and relax in the luxury of being fooled.


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